Caldwell XLA Pivot Bipod (150-230mm)


Caldwell XLA Pivot Bipods provide a stable shooting platform and incorporate extendable legs and a clever pivoting action that allows the rifle to move by up to 20 degrees.

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Caldwell XLA Bipods deliver a stable platform for shooters and hunters that easily attaches to the fore end sling swivel of a rifle.  Caldwell incorporates a light weight aluminium construction to significantly reduce weight in the field as well as an internally sprung design that instantly deploys the legs to their extended position with a simple touch of a button. Given that the bipod uses the rifles existing sling swivel, Caldwell cleverly includes an additional connection point so that a rifle sling can still be used to carry the firearm despite the bipod.


This XLA Pivot model enjoys the additional benefit of a pivoting support. In the real world it is almost guaranteed that a hunter won’t be able to take a crucial shot from perfectly flat ground. The pivot model allows the hunter to compensate by up to 20 degrees for the uneven ground and ensures the crosshairs are exactly on target. Finally a tension knob is incorporated to increase or decrease the resistance of the pivoting action. The end result is more real world on target hits more of the time.



Mfg’s Product #:                  247142

Brand:                                Caldwell

Product:                              XLA Pivot Bipod

Size:                                   150mm-230mm (6”-9”)

Colour:                                Black