Howard Leight - Vapor 2 Anti Fog Shooting Glasses


Vapor 2 Shooting Glasses from Howard Leight provide safety and comfort with the added benefit of an anti fog coating which minimizes the lenses fogging up on those hot days at the range.

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Howard Leight Vapor 2 Shooting Glasses make protecting your incredibly valuable eyes a little bit easier.  It is extremely important to protect your eyes especially when shooting steel targets as small lead fragments can often fly back at the shooter.  The Vapor 2 shooting glasses are up to the task of eye protection with their wrap around design and tough polycarbonate construction.  Vapor 2’s have a soft nose bridge gifting comfort tot he shooter and minimising slippage from the nose.  The frame and lens are very lightweight allowing the glasses to be worn for an entire day at the range. Finally the Anti-Fog coating minimise the fogging of the lens as the shooter perspires.    



Colour:         Clear Lens / Black Frame



    • Superior eye protection
    • Tough Polycarbonate Construction
    • Lightweight
    • SoftNoseBridge
    • Anti-Fog Coating