Lee Deluxe Carbide Pistol Reloading Dies 4-Die Set (.38Spl/.357Mag)


Lee Deluxe Carbide Pistol Reloading Dies come in a 4 die set and are an excellent tool to reload a myriad of popular pistol calibres. The addition of the 4th die incorporates a factory crimp die.

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The Lee 4-Die Set for pistol reloaders contains a carbide full length sizing die. The carbide inner sleeve is extremely durable and minimises lubrication requirement when resizing. The second is an Expander Die which flares the case mouth to accept a bullet. The third is the bullet seating die to seat your chosen bullet to the correct depth and taper close the case mouth around the bullet closing it. Finally, the deluxe die set offers a 4th die known as a factory crimp die. This die grips around the case mouth securing the bullet with a powerful crimp comparable to what is achieved with factory loaded ammunition. The factory crimp securely locks the case mouth around the bullet which allows for greater pressures to build in the cartridge delivering a more consistent pressure curve which results in more predictable velocities and ultimately superior accuracy.

  • Full Length Sizing Die (Carbide)
  • Expanding Die with Powder Through
  • Bullet Seating Die
  • Factory Crimp Die
  • Universal Shell Holder
  • Powder Dripper
  • Load Data
  • Fits all brands of reloading press that uses industry standard 7/8×14 threads