Lee Ingot Mold


The Lee Ingot Molds will ensure reloaders have a steady supply of lead on hand for those that cast their own bullets. It come complete with a timer handle to protect reloaders from the heat of molten metal.

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Lee Ingot Molds are the simplest way to cast your lead scrap, flashing or range pick up into small easy to handle ingots. Lee Ingot Molds are made from cast aluminium which has a greater thermal conductivity than their steel counterparts. The more conductive aluminium means that molds get up to temperature quicker leaving reloaders with a shiny, wrinkle free casting. With each pour, it will produce two 450gram ingots and two 225gram lead ingots. Lee Ingot Molds also come complete with a timber handle to insulate the reloader’s hands from the heat of melting metals.

Handle Included