Lee Ultimate Rifle Reloading 4-Die Set (.30-30Win)


Lee Ultimate Rifle Reloading Dies are a 4 die set delivering the pinnacle in flexibility and reliable ammunition for hand loaders.

Full Length Resizing Die
Collet Neck Sizing Die
Bullet Seating Die
Factory Crimp Die
Shell Holder
Powder Measure
Load Data
Fits all brands of press that use industry standard 7/8”x14 thread

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Lee Ultimate Rifle Reloading Die Sets come complete with 4 dies giving reloaders the utmost flexibility to produce outstanding reloads.  The 4 Die Set comprises of a Full Length resizing die which is best suited to resizing brass fired in other guns such as range pick up.  A Neck Collet sizing die that is ideally used on fire formed brass delivering superior accuracy in your firearm. Case lubricant is not necessary in this die and because cases are only sized at the neck, reloaders find they have a longer case life and improved accuracy. A bullet seating die is the 3rd die in the set and will seat bullets to precisely the same depth every time. Finally the factory crimp die is an outstanding tool in the pursuit of simply stunning and dependable ammunition. The factory crimp die returns the factory advantage to the hand loader by securely crimping bullets in place, even on smooth bullets without a crimp groove. The firm crimp allows higher uniform start pressures to build in the cartridge delivering dependable and accurate ammunition. Finally the Lee Ultimate Reloading Die Set comes complete with a powder measure, shell holder, and load data.