MTM Primer Flip Tray


MTM Primer Flip Trays make loading your primers into your pick up tubes a breeze by orientating them in one direction saving time and frustration.

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MTM Primer Flip Trays orientate your primers all in one direction. Especially useful in automated feed priming systems, they can quickly and easily be picked up with a primer pick up tube with the aid of the MTM Primer Flip Tray. Place an entire tray of primers on the primer flipper, replace the lid and shake. In seconds the vibration will flip the inverted primers ensuring all primers are anvil side up. With the lid attached the primers can easily be flipped to an anvil down position for pick up. The MTM Primer Flip tray will accept both small and large pistol and rifle primers. Like all MTM Case Guard products, the primer flip tray is backed a manufacturers 5 year warranty.