Nosler Unprimed Brass 270 Winchester (50pk)


Nosler Brass provides reloaders with premium components of exceptional quality that are capable of being loaded with your favourite primers, powder and projectiles straight out of the box.

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Nosler Brass like all of Nosler’s products adheres to their ultimate directive, “uncompromising attention to detail”. Manufactured from the finest brass stock, Nosler Brass is created to exacting standards delivering outstanding consistency, reliability, and accuracy. Before the reloader receives their brass, Nosler full length sizes and trims the case to ensure it perfectly meets specification. They de-burr the case mouth inside and out as well as the flash hole to ensure consistent and complete combustion. Finally each and every case is visually inspected to guarantee they are nothing short of perfect. Nosler brass is truly a high end product capable of delivering incredibly accurate and consistent reloads to even the most discerning shooter.