RCBS Reloading Die Set (.357 Sig)


RCBS Reloading Dies in .357 Sig are a 2 die set that incorporates a sizing/expander/decapping die in one and a bullet seating/roll crimp die in the second. These 2 die sets are specifically designed to reload bottle neck pistol cases.

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RCBS Reloading Dies in ,357 Sig are specifically designed to reload bottle neck cases which subsequently results in a 2 die set. The first die is a full length resizing die which returns the case to factory specifications. In one action the die sizes the case exterior, it deprimes the spent cartridge and slightly flares the case nect in preparation for a new bullet. Headspace tollerances are kept to a minimum in the full length sizing process which avoids changing the lenght of the cartridge case.

RCBS have included die venting ports which prevents trapped air from damaging the case as well as excess lubrication damaging the die. Finally the seconds die seats the bullet and incorporates a roll crimp locking the bullet in place.

Brand:                 RCBS

Product #:          23101

Calibre:              .357 Sig

Dies:                    1. Sizer/Expander/Decapping Die

                              2. Seater Die/Bullet Seater Plug Die