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ArmsDealer.com.au is solely an internet based business that specializes in the supply of firearms, reloading components and firearm related accessories to law abiding hunters and shooters. We are an Australian company located and licensed in Queensland. Our business focuses on the distinctive demands of Australian hunters and shooters by paying particular attention to their unique product requirements and regulatory demands specific to the Australian market. As an Australian based business licensed in Queensland, Arms Dealer strictly adheres to Queensland legislation namely the Weapons Act 1990 and the Weapons Regulations 1996 amongst other State and Commonwealth legislation.

It is our mission to provide our customers with a growing array of products specific to law abiding sports and recreational shooters, hunters and competitive shooters. We aim to achieve the highest level of customer service for our clients and to offer an extensive line up of shooting related products that are specific to the shooting sports.


PO Box 7860
G.C.M.C, QLD 9726

Trading As: ArmsDealer.com.au
ABN: 29 111 846 747
ACN: 111 846 747

DP Distributors Pty. Ltd

Firearms Dealer License No: 50001460

All Trademarks and logos specific to Arms Dealer are protected by law and cannot be reproduced with out the express consent of Arms Dealer, its management and its subsidiary companies.

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