Break Free CLP Cleaner Lubricant Preservative (474ml)


CLP from Breakfree is a superb solvent that fits it’s namesake perfectly.  It Cleans, Lubricates and Preserves.  Protect your firearm investment after every hunting or range trip for a lifetime of reliable service from your guns.

Size:  474ml Trigger Pack
Note: For shipping purposes this product is considered a dangerous good will ship via road transport only.   Depending on freight choices, please be aware that this item could be packed separately from other purchases.  All conventional parcels travel via road freight anyway except for express post, so most people will not notice a delivery delay.

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Break Free CLP is a one step product that, as the name suggests, cleans, lubricates and preserves.  It was originally developed for the United States military and has been proven to excel in some of the world’s most adverse conditions.  CLP is a known performer despite massive temperature swings from a frigid  -53 degrees celsius to a toasty 245 celsius.  Unlike other brands formulated with a wax base, CLP will not gum up in the cold and melt away in the heat.


CLP removes firing residue, lubricates moving parts and protects your firearm and bore from fouling, corrosion and wear.  The fluid is manufactured from a synthetic fluoropolymer often referred to as PTFE which is widely recognised for its non-stick properties.


The lubricant qualities reduce metal on metal wear by applying a boundary layer over the surface of your pistol, rifle or shotgun and reduces build up of foreign contaminants. Its hydrophobic qualities physically inhibit corrosion by repelling water. 


Breakfree CLP will lubricate your firearm instantly but for outstanding results, allow the product to soak in for 2 hours or so.  With the movement of the action or brushing of the affected parts, foreign debris will break free from the surface and can be effectively wiped away with a clean rag.  When you care for your guns with Break Free CLP it will be sure to give you a lifetime of faultless service from all your firearms.