Butler Creek Alaskan Magnum Rifle Sling Camo


The Butler Creek Alaskan Magnum Rifle Sling is perfect for carrying your heavy, large calibre hunting rifle in comfort.

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Buttler Creek Rifle Slings are renowned for their quality and comfort. The Alaskan Magnum Rifle Sling is no different. It is made from closed cell neoprene so it won’t absorb water and sports a nylon outer layer for added durability. The Alaskan Rifle Sling is ideally suited to accommodate heavy large calibre hunting rifles. The broad and ample padding reduces felt weight giving hunters more comfort and less fatigue in the field. It is fully adjustable to suit almost any carrying style and comes in a Camo finish. Just add a set of swivels to fit the Alaskan to your rifle and your away.


Finish:         Camouflage

Required:   Swivels