Chrony Shooting Chronograph Model F-1


The Chrony Model F-1 Shooting Chronograph measures the velocity of your projectiles which will assist in achieving the perfect reload.

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The Chrony Model F-1 Shooting Chronograph accurately measures bullet velocities fired through the sensor bars and displays their velocity on the LCD screen. The F-1 model measures exclusively in feet per second (fps) and the M-1 model measures in metres per second (mps). The Chrony will register and display velocities ranging from only 9 mps (30 fps) right up to 2100mps (7000 fps) on its 4 digit LCD display. The F-1 chronograph is capable of registering the velocity of tiny rounds like the .17 HMR right up to the largest centerfire rifle, pistol and shotgun cartridges. With the addition of one 9 volt battery, the F-1 Shooting Chrony works straight out of the box displaying bullet velocity on its easy to read liquid crystal display. The 9 volt battery will last for up to 48 hours of continuous shooting and displays the shot number then the velocity in feet per second.

The F-1 Chronograph comes with extension bars and an extension diffuser to allow for a larger shooting area when measuring pistol or shot shell velocities for example. It has an adaptor fitted to the bottom of the unit so that any standard camera tripod will attach to it for a simple set up. The F-1 is capable of accepting the additional accessories that Shooting Chrony manufactures such as the Extension Reader which can display velocity figures right back to the shooting bench via its extension lead and LCD display. It will also accept the additional Ballistics Printer capable of printing out velocities on paper. The Shooting Chrony Model F-1 Chronograph is best positioned at least 3 metres forward of the muzzle and will display incredibly accurate readings of bullet velocities within about a 99.5% tolerance. It will register velocity readings of projectiles from pistols, rifles, shotguns, crossbows, paintball guns, black powder firearms, air rifles, and compound bows. Wether it be competition pistol shooters eager to calculate power factor or for hand loaders or long range shooters perusing pin point accuracy, the Model F-1 Chrony from Shooting Chrony will deliver accurate data from your loads.





Required:       1x 9 Volt Battery

                       Standard Camera Tripod