Browning Recon Force Trail Camera 8MP


Browning Recon Force Game Cameras let you find out what animal activity is going on in your area with its crystal clear images. The Browning Recon Force Trail Camera will surely make better use of your time when scouting game for hunting. Whether your target species is Deer, Goats, Pigs, Foxes, Cats or Rabbits, the Recon Force 8MP game camera will capture clean crisp images in stunning 8 million pixel resolution.

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With the Browning Recon Force Trail Camera delivering superb 8 mega pixel resolution and a shutter trigger speed of only 0.69 seconds you are sure to capture every detail of anything that ventures in front of your camera. In multi shot mode the Recon Force game camera is capable of taking 8 pictures spaced 3 seconds apart or in rapid fire mode it will take 6 picture spaces 0.3 seconds apart. The programmable delay setting allows you to customise the trigger delay ranging from 5 seconds to 60 minutes. Of course with such a capable device, the Browning Recon Force trail camera will also take video images including sound on the video for a duration ranging from 5 seconds to 2 minutes. The camera accepts standard SD memory cards up to 32GB and is capable of stamping your images with time, date, and moon phase with temperature information.

Browning’s “Zero Blur” technology captures superior night time images leaving many other infra red cameras behind. The night time invisible infra red flash reaches out 20 metres to capture sharp images of your chosen game whilst never scaring it way with conventional bright white incandescent flashes. Using 8 AA batteries the Recon Force has plenty of battery capacity in the field and provides a cost effective replacement solution when the batteries finally do run flat. The motion sensor that triggers the camera when game walk into view, is equally as effective on humans. Some people choose to use their game cameras as a powerful residential surveillance tool when not in use for hunting applications.

Required:                                             SD memory card up to 32GB

8 x AA Batteries


Resolution:                                          8 MP

Camera Dimensions:                       127mm x 102mm x 64mm

Memory Card Type:                          SD (Secure Digital)

Flash Range:                                       Up to 20 metres

Flash Type:                                          Infra Red

Photo Stamping:                                Time, Date, Moon Phase & Temperature

Video:                                                    Yes, 5 seconds to 2 minutes

Audio on Video:                                   Yes

Trigger Speed:                                     0.69 seconds

Multi-shot:                                            Yes, up to 8 shots

Time Lapse Mode:                              Yes

Viewing Screen:                                   No

Interface:                                               LCD Menu

External Display:                                 No

Memory Card Size:                             Will accept up to 32 GB Memory cards

Memory Card Included:                     No

Operating Temperature:                  -23 Celsius to 54 Celsius

Battery Type:                                        8 x AA batteries

Batteries Included:                              No