Gunslick Pro Nu-Gun Firearm Cleaner/Degreaser


Gun Slick Pro Nu-Gun Firearm Cleaner will remove oil and grease to ensure that your gun sparkles like new.

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Nu-Gun Firearm Cleaner from Gunslick Pro is perfect for preparing your new gun for shooting as well as making your old faithful shine like a new pin.  It sprays on quickly and removes heavy factory applied grease and oil coatings that debris sticks to.  Removing these coatings improves accuracy, reliability and functionality of your firearms.  Nu-Gun eliminates oily build up and will blast away dirt and debris from the action, trigger mechanism, ejectors and barrel making future cleanings easier.  Nu-Gun sprays on quickly and evaporates in seconds leaving only an ultra thin anti-corrosive finish to protect your valuable firearms.



Size:                142grams

Package:         Aerosol Spray