Remington Rem Oil Aerosol Spray Can (283g)


Rem Oil by Remington delivers superior lubrication for reliable operation of firearms under even the most adverse conditions. Rem Oil is an essential step in protecting your firearms from corrosion while in storage and from wear while in use.

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Remington Rem Oil is a superior quality cleaner, lubricant and protectant that meets stringent U.S. Mill. Spec. requirements.  With more than 100 years of heritage the Rem Oil formula has become a long time favourite with sports and recreational shooters worldwide. Its formula delivers a smooth and long lasting protectant suitable for use on all types of firearms from antique relics to modern high performance classics.


It’s highly lubricious qualities incorporate the use of Teflon which drastically reduces friction on moving parts and is capable of handling the high temperatures experienced by continuous fire. As a protectant it shields your valuable firearms from corrosion when in storage ensuring the surface remains unblemished. Clean and protect your firearms with Rem Oil and ensure they function flawlessly when you need them most.


Brand:                            Remington

Product:                        Rem Oil

Package:                      Aerosol Spray

Size:                               283 grams