Hoppes Bore Snake .177 Caliber Rifle Cleaner


Hoppes Bore Snakes are quite simply the fastest way to clean the bore of your firearm.

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Hoppes Bore Snakes are a unique pull through design that differs substantially from conventional bronze brush and rod cleaning kits.  Simply wet the bore snake with a few drops of cleaning solvent, place the weighted cord into the breech and pull the snake through the bore of your firearm for a spotless finish.  The Hoppes Bore Snake exposes the bore to a cleaning area 160 times greater than a conventional jag and patch. 


It works by the first part loosening debris then the bronze brush integrated into the Hoppes Bore Snake scrubs off fouling.  The trailing end then swabs the bore leaving a bright and clean finish the full length of the barrel.  Finally, unlike patches that are consumed upon every cleaning, the Hoppes Bore Snake is machine washable allowing it to be reused again and again. 


Hoppes Bore Snakes are lightweight and ultra compact making them a blessing when included in your on-site hunting pack.  They are available for pistols, rifles and shotguns and come in a variety of diameters to suit different calibres.   The brass weight on each bore snake is stamped with a size representing its suitability for which calibres.


  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Quick and Efficient Cleaning of Firearms
  • Ideal for Hunting Packs
  • Available for Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns
  • Machine Washable
  • Stamped with Size