Hornady 308 WIN Match Unprimed Brass (50pk)


Hornady 308 WIN Match Unprimed Brass is brand new unfired brass that delivers match grade components to shooters and hunters alike. The cases are ready to be loaded with a primer, powder and a bullet of your choice.

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Hornady Match Unprimed Brass provides reloaders with the outstanding components and superior quality brass they have come to expect from the brand. Hornady manufactures their match grade brass to exceptionally fine tolerances ensuring that there is precise uniformity in the case wall. This ultra fine tolerance is critical to providing highly accurate and consistent ammunition. Hornady ensures the case is precisely concentric which assists in a uniform bullet release and results in superior accuracy and optimal bullet velocities. Hornady’s exceptional build quality will deliver better accuracy and make sure reloaders receive more reloads per case.  Simply add your favourite, primer, powder and bullet to these cases and enjoy shooting.



Mfg’s Product #:               8661

Brand:                                 Hornady

Product:                             308 WIN Match Unprimed Brass

Calibre:                               .308 Winchester

Case Count:                       50