Redding Stuck Case Removal Kit


The Redding Stuck Case Removal Kit quickly overcomes that annoying problem of a stuck case in a reloading die. 
The kit includes:
1 x Drill bit
1 x Taper tap
1 x Spacer
1 x Hex Bolt
1 x Allen Key

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The Redding Stuck Case Removal Kit does exactly what the name suggests; it removes a brass case that has become stuck in the de-capping and sizing die. 


Despite how careful we are, any serious reloader will eventually lodge a case in a de-priming die.  Sooner or later we all do it. No amount of pulling on the press handle will remove it, or worse still possibly breaking the shell holder or the die. Now what?  Well,Redding has a tool for that.







  1. Mount your die up side down in your reloading press.
  2. Remove the expander/de-capping assembly from the die.
  3. Use the drill bit provided in a battery drill to drill out the primer pocked.
  4. Use the taper tap provided to cut a thread into the primer pocket.  Be sure to keep it well lubricated and to back out the taper tap every half a turn or so.
  5. Insert the bolt into the spacer and screw the bolt into the thread you created with the taper tap.
  6. When it gets too difficult to turn by hand, use the Allen key to continue tightening until the case is pulled from the die.