Hornady Bulk Bullets 22Cal 55gn Soft Point (100Pk)


Hornady bulk pack traditional varmint bullets come loose packed in a resealable bag with a 100 count. This plain packaging option enables reloaders to enjoy quality Hornady projectiles at a cheaper price.  Enjoy the same Hornady quality without paying for all the usual packaging.

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Hornady bulk pack bullets offer reloaders traditional Hornady quality components at a reduced price. These traditional varmint bullets are .22Cal (.224″) 55gn Soft Point projectiles with a cannelure. They are ideal for small game hunting or plinking at the range. Their flat base and streamlined design delivers flat trajectories with massive expansion throughout their velocity range.



Brand:                                  Hornady

Bullet Type:                        Jacketed Soft Point

Calibre:                                .22 Cal

Bullet Diameter:                5.69mm (.224”)

Bullet Weight:                    3.56gram (55 grain)

Cannelure:                          Yes

Bullets per bag:                 100

Plain Packaging:               Yes