Hornady Electronic Calipers


Hornady Digital Calipers are a convenient tool to ensure the measurements of your reloads are within specification.

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Hornady Digital Calipers assist reloaders to ensure the dimensions of their ammunition are within SAAMI specs. They feature a large LCD screen providing a clear, easy to read digital display. The digital read out is significantly less complicated to read than its Dial Caliper counterparts. The calipers are accurate to within 25 microns (0.001”) and provide precise control over dimensions like case length, overall cartridge length, bullet diameter, primer seating depth, bullet diameter, case diameter etc. Hornady Digital Calipers come complete with a protective storage case and batteries supplied. Improve the consistency and accuracy of your reloads with Hornady’s precise measurements tools.


Brand:            Hornady

Product:         Electronic Calipers

Product #:      050080