Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner & Lube


Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner and Lube cleans gunk and grime from all firearms leaving a thin “dry” film of lubricant behind.

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Hornady’s One Shot Gun Cleaner and Lube truly is a one step cleaner and lube that does it all.  It conditions new metals and removes, oils, lead, grease and even Cosmoline in one easy spray leaving behind only a clear dry film of lubricant protecting your valuable firearms. 


Hornady’s proprietary DynaGlide™ dry film technology considerably improves the load carrying capacity of metal on metal parts reducing heat build-up and drastically improving wear resistance.  Sprayed directly into the barrel of your firearm, Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner and Lube will significantly reduce barrel leading. Its corrosion inhibitors protect your firearms from rust that can damage your valuable components and reduce reliability in the field.  It goes on wet and comes off dry leaving a thin film of protection impervious to hot, cold and accumulative build up.  It comes in a 207ml aerosol spray can that will be sure to provide many applications of even the largest of rifles.    



Dispenser:     Aerosol

Size:               207ml




Once dry the lubricant is odourless

Solvent even removes barrel leading

Cleans and Lubricates without an oily mess

Dry lubricant finish