J.Dewey Brass Jag .17-.20 Calibre (Male Thread)


J.Dewey Brass Jags are used in conjunction with a rod and cotton patches to loosen debris and deliver solvents right to the bore surface when it can achieve a powerful clean.

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J.Dewey Brass Jags are made from quality one piece brass bar stock and are designed to hold a cotton patch for bore cleaning. They secure the patch at the tip of the jag enabling your cleaning solvent to make contact with the greatest surface of bore to loosen carbon fowling and powder residue.  Used in conjunction with a bronze bore brush and rod, J.Dewey jags and brushes will have your bore clean and bright increasing accuracy and the life of your firearm.



Brand:                           J.Dewey

Product:                       Brass Jag

Product #:                    17JM

Calibre:                        .17Cal – .20Cal  

Type:                            Male 5/40 thread

Fits:                              Any cleaning rod using 5/40 thread