J.Dewey Nylon Coated Bore Cleaning Rod with Jag and Adapter


J.Dewey Bore Cleaning Rods (Nylon Coated) are an exceptionally high quality hand crafted product that is built to last. This .22Cal model will easily clean your rifle from breech to muzzle and leave it spotless.

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J.Dewey Nylon Coated Bore Cleaning Rods are typically outstanding Dewey quality firearm owners have come to enjoy over the years. The rod is coated in an insulating layer of nylon that will help to protect the crown and rifling of your firearm from abrasion. The simple yet clever design allows the handle to rotate freely in your hand while feeding the rod and brush assembly down the bore of your firearm contacting the rifling. 

This .22Cal – .26Cal rod comes with a (22J) .22 Cal jag and an SMBA adapter that permits the .22Cal rod with an 8/36 female thread to accept industry standard 8/32 female threads. In other words, you can purchase any brand of 8/32 male threaded jag, bronze or nylon brush and thread it seamlessly into the female adapter.


Brand:                          J.Dewey

Product:                       Bore Cleaning Rod (Nylon Coated)

Product #:                    22C-44

Length:                        1,117mm (44”)

Calibre:                        .22 Cal  – .26Cal

Included:                     (22J) .22Cal Brass Jag & 8/36 to 8/32 female adapter