Pro Shot Competition Pistol Cleaning Kit (.38Cal-.45Cal)


Pro Shot Competition Pistol Cleaning kits are very well made and will be sure to keep pistols functioning flawlessly even in demanding competition environments. This kit will service pistols chambered from .38Cal to .45Cal.

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Pro Shot competition pistol cleaning kits provide handgun shooters with high quality gun cleaning supplies that are up to the task of demanding competition shooting. True to the Pro Shot line up of products these kits are very well made. They feature a 200mm (8”) stainless steel rod with a patented rotating handle design that screams quality. The kit has all brass fittings that include spear tipped jags suitable for .357/.38/9mm, 10mm/.40Cal and 45Cal as well as a brass patch holder, Nylon Bore Brush, 1 Step Cleaner/Lubricant and 100% Cotton Patches.

Kit Includes:

200mm working length swivel handle rod

Brass Patch Holder

Nylon Bristle Bore Brush to Fit: 38-45Cal

1 Step Cleaner/Lubricant 7.4ml Dropper Bottle

Starter sample of 57mm square 100% cotton flannel patches

Spear Tip Brass jags for:            357/38Cal/9mm

10mm/40 Cal

45 Cal.