J.Dewey Small Brass Adapter


J.Dewey Small Brass Adapter allows J.Dewey .22Cal bore cleaning rods to be converted to accept industry standard 8/32 brushes of any brand.

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J.Dewey Small Brass adapters are used on rods ranging from .22Cal to .26Cal. Albeit they use J.Dewey brand brushes straight out of the box, J.Dewey has enabled shooters to use any brand of bore brush with the addition of this simple and inexpensive adapter.

Converts .22Cal to .26Cal rods from 8/36 female to 8/32 female threads. In other words the SMBA adapter converts standard .22Cal rods to accept industry standard 8/32 brushes.


Brand:               J.Dewey

Product:           Small Brass Adapter

Product #:        SMBA

Size:                  Small (Fits .22Cal to .26Cal rods)

Notes:               Converts rods to accept 8/32 brushes