Lee Factory Crimp Die (.22-250)


Lee Factory Crimp Dies gives reloaders back the factory advantage by providing an incredibly strong crimp for reloaded cartridges.

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Lee Factory Crimp Dies provide reloaders with the same ultra strong crimp that you would expect from factory loaded ammunition. Some times the taper crimp that common reloading dies provide is not enough to lock a seated bullet into the case mouth of your cases, especially those bullets without a crimp groove. Tests have proven that a loosely crimped bullet affects accuracy. The reason for this is because a loose crimped bullet does not allow pressure to build up inside the cartridge before the crimp lets go and discharges the bullet. The higher pressure inside the cartridge ensures less variation in velocity due to a more consistent pressure curve. Lee Factory Crimp Dies are available in various calibres and are compatible with all brands of single stage, turret and progressive reloading presses that use industry standard 7/8”x14 threaded dies.