Lee Primer Pocket Cleaner


The Lee Primer Pocket Cleaner ensures your primers seat perfectly in the primer pocket of your brass by removing debris and carbon build up after each firing. Make sure your reloads are of the best quality they can possibly be by cleaning the primer pockets of your brass.

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Lee Primer Pocket Cleaners remove carbon residue from the primer pocket in your brass cartridge reloads. By removing build up you not only ensure your primers have the best chance of firing when struck, you also make sure your primers seat perfectly every time. This simple and inexpensive tool helps reloaders deliver precise and consistent ammunition whether it is at the range or on a hunt. It is capable of cleaning both small and large pistol and rifle primer pockets all in one inexpensive tool. After de-capping and with a few simple twists it will clean all small pistol and rifle primer pockets at one end and the other end will also clean large pistol and rifle primer pockets with the same few twists.