Lee Deburring Tool


The Lee Deburring Chamfer Tool is a simple and inexpensive way for reloaders to efficiently remove burrs from the case mouth of your brass reloads after case trimming.

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The Lee Deburring Chamfer Tool removes the burr left from the cutter head after case trimming.  When firing brass cartridges, the extreme pressure of combustion inside the case stretches it a little bit.  As a result they need to be resized and trimmed back to SAAMI specifications.  Burred cases can catch on a newly seated bullet as well as your fingers.  With a few simple twists of the Lee Chamfer Tool you can remove the burr on the inside and outside of the case mouth of all your brass.  This simple and inexpensive tool ensures your reloads are set to accept a new bullet with ease.  The Lee Chamfer Tool will fit all case sizes both pistol and rifle calibres alike.