Lee Reloading Manual Second Edition


The Lee Reloading book provides reloaders with the knowledge to safely hand load metallic cartridges and to deliver a consistent and accurate result.


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Have you been interested in reloading your open ammo and asked yourself, how do you reload a 9mm Luger or 223 Remington? Where do I start? Safely reloading your spent brass is of paramount importance and should never be underestimated.  With the Lee Reloading Manual 2nd Edition (titled as: Modern Reloading) you will be supplied with a wealth of reloading data comprising more than 38,000 different loads.   The manual assists reloaders with load data, charge weight and the outcomes achieved by either increasing or decreasing a particular charge.  

With this data you can easily calculate pressure and velocity achieved by a particular brand of powder, a charge weight or by substituting one bullet with another of a different weight.  This information is invaluable for all projectiles but especially when shooting cast lead bullets. As hand loaders we always want to be safe and we strive to make the most consistent and accurate reloads possible. If you start with the Lee Reloading Manual (Modern Reloading Handbook by Richard Lee) you will be well on your way to making consistent, accurate match winning ammo.