Lyman Bullet Mold Single Cavity .44Mag 250gr (Hollow Point)


Lyman Hollow Point Bullet Molds are arguably some of the best molds on the market today. They drop cast bullets that are rapidly expanding when used with softer alloys and produce powerful results.

·        Accepts Gas Checks
·        Requires Double Cavity Mould Handles

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Lyman Hollow Point bullet molds are typical of the outstanding build quality reloaders enjoy from the Lyman brand. Made from solid steel these molds are precision machined and heat treated to give bullet casters a lifetime of faultless service. The sprue plate is manufactured from solid steel and has been ground flat ensuring the closest possible fit. The mold blocks enjoy hardened steel locking pins that ensure a repeatable and precise closure of the mold halves. The ultimate result is an extremely well made product that is capable of producing outstanding bullets.


This single cavity mold produces a 16.2gram (250gn) hollow point projectile in the ever popular .44 Magnum calibre dropping a 10.95mm (.431”) projectile ready for sizing. This bullet can accept gas checks and also can be fired from a .44 Special cartridge.  When cast with softer lead alloys these hollow point bullets provide deep penetration with devastating results.



Mfg. Product #:              2650640

Calibre:                          .44 Magnum

Bullet Weight:                250gn

Bullet Shape:                 Hollow Point

Cavity Count:                1 – Single

Bullet #:                          429640

Top Punch:                     649

Single Cavity #:            2650640

Sizing Die:                     .429, .430, .431