Lyman Lead Pot


The Lyman Lead Pot makes it easy for bullet casters to melt scrap lead or wheel weights for casting ingots or bullets over any source of heat.

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Lyman’s Lead Pot is a solid cast iron construction holding a capacity of 4.5kg of molten lead.  Its simple flat bottom design ensures the pot is extremely stable and very difficult to tip over, an obvious bonus for safety.  The spout designed into the casting makes pouring molten lead easier and safer when casing ingots.  The rear tab enables reloaders to grip the pot with tools like multi grips permitting a steady pour.  The Lyman Lead Pot can be placed over an open flame like a camp stove or on an electric hotplate. 



Construction:         Cast Iron

Capacity:                 4.5kg (10lbs)




Warning:         Melting lead is potentially dangerous if not handled correctly.  Caution and common sense should always prevail.  Never allow water, even tiny amounts to come in contact with molten lead.  The change of state from water to steam can be explosive. It is extremely hot and it will burn your skin permanently.  Use gloves and protective clothing from potential burns.  Lead vapour is poisonous and is known to cause birth defects, retardation, damage to nervous connections, blood and brain disorders.  Always cover your nose and mouth with a respirator capable of filtering extremely fine lead vapour.  A regular dust mask is NOT sufficient.  Always cast lead in an extremely well ventilated room or preferably outdoors.  Lead will enter the body in vapour form via the lungs, dust via the mouth and nose or at speed via the muzzle of a gun.  Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling lead to ensure you do not ingest the extremely fine particles.  Although smoking possesses its own risks, do not smoke while handling lead as can be ingested.