Moultrie Pro Lock Feeder


Moultrie Pro Lock Feeders will dispense grain or feeder pellets at preset intervals to lure your prospective target species in close.

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Moultrie Pro Lock Feeders are renowned for their ease of construction and lightening fast set up. Assembly can be accomplished in less than 10 minutes without the need to use any tools whatsoever. Once constructed in the field you can program the digital timer to schedule feedings up to 6 times per day. Hunters can also customise the feed dispense time which can range anywhere from a 1 second burst to a 20 second drenching. The Moultrie Pro Lock Game Feeder will hold up to 90kg of feed in its 113 litre drum and dispenses it via its metal spin plate and funnel. The Pro Lock benefits from additional features such as a power port to add an extra power supply, camera mounts for mounting up to 3 game cameras on the feeder and a built in feed level estimator helping hunters manage feed.

Model #:        12607



  • ·        Tool Free Construction
  • ·        Less than 10 minute build time
  • ·        1 to 20 Second customizable dispense time
  • ·        Up to 6 feedings per day with programmable digital timer
  • ·        90kg / 113 litre capacity
  • ·        Power port for expandable power supply
  • ·        Varmint Guard Built-in
  • ·        Mount up to 3 game camera to the feeder
  • ·        Battery level monitor built-in
  • ·        Feed level estimator built-in
  • ·        Square legs enhance stability
  • ·        Uses one 6 volt battery (not included)
  • ·        Metal funnel and spin plate
  • ·        Throws feed in a 10 metre diameter / 5 metre radius