Otis All Calibre Rifle Cleaning Kit


Otis All Calibre Rifle Cleaning Systems help hunters and shooters keep their valuable firearms in pristine condition by removing fowling and improving reliability. Specifically designed to clean a firearm the right way Otis cleaning systems pull through design cleans from breech to muzzle preventing debris from entering the action.

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Otis All Calibre Rifle Cleaning Systems provide hunters and shooters with a highly convenient and extremely compact cleaning kit to keep firearms functioning reliably and accurately wether it be at home or on the range.  Otis cleaning kits are perfect for hunters as their super compact size enables them to be thrown in a pack for easy firearm cleaning in the field.

Otis All Calibre Rifle Cleaning Kits contains a 200mm, a 760mm and an 860mm Memory Flex® cable enabling correct cleaning from breech to muzzle.  It includes 2 calibre specific bronze bore brushes to assist in the removal of lead and copper deposits along with powder and carbon fowling. It also includes Ultra Bore® Otis’ proprietary solvent, lubricant and protectant along with a solid brass obstruction removal tool perfect for removing jammed cases or similar blockages.


Kit Contains:

  • Memory Flex® Cables – 200mm, 760mm & 860mm
  • Two bronze bore brushes .22Cal to .35Cal
  • Obstruction removal tool for Jammed Cases etc – Solid Brass
  • O85® Ultra Bore® solvent, lubricant and protectant
  • Lightweight soft pack zipper case for easy carrying
  • Contains Patches suitable for .17Cal – .45Cal
  • Compact Overall Size (Approx): 100mm x 100mm x 50mm