Outers 19pc Universal Gun Cleaning Kit


Outers 19pc Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is your go to pack to clean your gun. Their high quality brass components will have pistols, rifles and shotguns free from fouling delivering reliable and accurate service.

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Outers 19pc universal gun cleaning kits are suitable for use on almost any pistol, rifle or shotgun.  Kits are supplied with solid brass rods for increased rigidity and a reduced risk of damage to the crown, rifling and chamber when cleaning. Spear pointed jags and patches are supplied for a superior clean along with phosphor bronze brushes to loosen and remove copper and lead deposits.  Brass loops are include to hold patches for removing debris and carbon fowling as well as wool blended mops to ensure cleaning solvents held and applied to the bore and rifling surfaces where it is needed most.



Kit Includes:


3 x Brass rods

3 x Slotted Patch Loops Fits: .22Cal / .30Cal – 8mm / 10-12 Ga

5 x Spear Pointed Jags  Fits: .22Cal / .270Cal / .30Cal-.32Cal / .35Cal – .38Cal & 9mm / .45Cal

5 x Phosphor Bronze Brushes Fits: .22Cal / .30Cal – 8mm / .40Cal-.45Cal & 10mm / 20-28Ga / 10-12ga

Adaptor for fitting shotgun accessories

50 Patches (75mm x 13mm)

Polishing Cloth (200mm x 200mm)

Clamshell storage pack