Outers Gun Oil (60ml)


Outers Gun Oil provides superior gun care for your valuable firearms protecting them from rust and corrosion when in use or in storage.

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Outers Gun Oil is a polarised lubricating oil that reduces wear and tear experienced by the high-heat friction conditions which modern firearms endure. The exposure to moisture on the metal surfaces of your gun will induce rust and will ultimately destroy its look and function. Outers gun oil provides a physical barrier of oil that naturally clings to the metal surfaces of your firearm. It performs flawlessly over a vast range of temperatures and has proven not gum up even at temperatures as frosty as -40 degrees celsius.

Brand:                     Outers

Product:                  Gun Oil

Size:                         60ml

Product #:               42037

Notes:                      Rust inhibitor & corrosion protectant

Lubricant qualities at high temperatures

Effective in hot and cold environments

Will not gum up even when exposed to extremely low -40 degree celsius conditions