RCBS Deburring Tool


The RCBS deburring tool is perfect for removing burrs on the inside and outside of the case mouth after the case trimming process has been completed.

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After firing, it is normal for rifle cases to lengthen. When reloading fired cases, the case must be return back to its exact specifications. The case mouth needs to be trimmed to a length within tolerance. The cutting process will often leave a rough and burred edge on the case mouth. Removing that burr with the RCBS Deburring tool is an essential step in the hand loading process. Made from hardened steel and used on the soft brass of a case mouth, the RCBS Deburring tool will be sure to give you a lifetime of flawless service. One end of the tool will deburr the inside of the empty cartridge while the other end of the tool deburrs the outside of the cartridge. Failure to deburr the cartridge mouth during hand loading can lead to difficulty seating a bullet, even shaving off the bullet surface when seating. The RCBS deburring tool is suitable for use on calibres ranging from .17cal-.60cal.