RCBS Stuck Case Remover


The RCBS stuck case remover will free your jammed cases from your die in no time. With no damage to your die, the kit extracts brass stubbornly wedged in your dies in a simple two step process.

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When you need to remove a stuck case from a die, you’ll be pleased you have the right tools on hand, an RCBS Stuck Case Remover. It happens to the best of us on occasion. Despite our best efforts, at some point in time we’ll all get a case stuck in our sizing die. It can be a frustrating experience and unless removed will render your die inoperable. Wether it is due to lack of case lube, or being a little over zealous with force, a case can get stuck in your sizing and de-capping die during the reloading process.


The RCBS Stuck Case Remover makes the extraction of the case a breeze. With the die mounted up side down in your singe stage, turret or progressive reloading press, the 5 piece kit enables you to drill out the primer pocket with the drill bit provided. The sharp taper tap allows you to easily cut a thread into the soft brass via the primer pocket and flash hole of the stuck case. Then with the hex bolt, spacer and Allen key provided in the kit, you can then easily wind out your stuck case removing it completely from the die.