Redding Powder Trickler Model #5


The Redding Powder Trickler Model #5 ensures reloaders achieve the most accurate powder loads by trickling one or two granules of propellant powder at a time.

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The Redding Powder Trickler Model #5 is perfect for finite control of propellant powder charges when single stage reloading.  Because reloaders often require exceptionally precise charge weights, conventional powder drops have a tendency to deliver inconsistent charges.  Many reloaders prefer the incredibly precise control of a powder trickler to ensure the powder charge weight is absolutely perfect every time. 


With a turn of the knob, theReddingpowder tricker will add propellant powder to the scale pan a granule or two at a time ensuring spectacular charge consistency.  The model#5 powder trickler is typical of Redding build quality, outstanding!  It is made from solid steel and has enough mass not to tip over with use spilling powder over your reloading bench.  Its height is also ideal to conveniently fit above most powder scales.