Redding Reloading Die Set (.38Spl / .357Mag)


Redding Pistol Reloading Dies (.38Spl / .357mag) are superbly manufactured reloading equipment that will enable you to make your own exceptionally high quality ammunition at home. This 3 Die Set comprises of a full length sizing die, an expander die and bullet seating die.

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Redding Reloading Dies are without doubt some of the best quality reloading supplies on the market today. Their exceptional build quality will leave shooters with consistent, reliable and highly accurate ammunition capable of winning competitions or dropping your chosen game.


Redding Pistol Die Sets comprise of 3 dies. First of which is the full length sizing die, the second is an expander die and the last a bullet seating die. Firstly the full length sizing die does exactly what it says on the box, it sizes the full length of the case and returns it to precise factory specifications. Also included in this die’s function is the decapping stem which simultaneously removes spent primers by punching them out through the flash hole. Secondly the expander die slightly bells the case mouth to allow for easier seating of a new bullet. Lastly the bullet seating die centres the bullet and seats it to an exact depth. Within its final function it also taper crimps the case mouth locking in the bullet.


The superior quality of Redding Reloading Dies will produce highly accurate, predictable and consistent ammunition year after year.




Brand:                         Redding

Product:                      A-Series Pistol Reloading Die Set (3 Die Set)

Model #:                      80184

Calibre:                      .38Special / .357 Magnum

Construction:              Steel

Included:                    Full Length Sizing Die

                                   Case Mouth Expander Die

                                   Bullet Seating Die

                                   Plastic Storage Case

                                   Allen Key for lock rings

                                   Extra Decapping Pin


Required:                   Shell Holder specific to your chosen press (#12)

Notes:                         Fits any brand of press that uses industry standard (imperial

                                   measurement) ⅞”x 14 Threads.