Sierra Match King Bullets .338 250gn HPBT (50pk)


Sierra MatchKing Bullets are a competition grade target projectile renowned for their outstanding accuracy and exceptional build quality. Their boat tail hollow point design provides ultra flat trajectories that resist the wind over long distances.

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Sierra MatchKing Bullets are the pinnacle of long range shooting accuracy and have won competitions and set records the world over. Their construction incorporates an ultra thin copper jacket that that is drawn to extremely precise tolerances ensuring that bullet runout is phenomenally low. This means that the concentricity of the bullet is nothing short of perfect and ensures that the bullet remains balanced and stable in flight. Sierra claims that the variation in bullets concentricity is less than 8 microns (0.0003”).  The result of this outstanding precision is stunning accuracy.

All MatchKing Bullets are produced with a spire tip hollow point design that tapers to a small meplat.  Most of the Match King bullets also have a boat tail base that further increases its ballistic coefficient which ensures they resist the effects of wind and provide a flatter trajectory due to less drag. MatchKing bullets like most target projectiles any brand are not intended to be used for hunting.

Mfg’s Product #:                  2650

Brand:                                    Sierra

Bullet Type:                           HPBT (Hollow Point Boat Tail)

Calibre:                                  338 Cal

Bullet Diameter:                   8.59mm (.338”)

Bullet Weight:                      16.2gram (250 grain)

Cannelure:                            No

Bullet Count:                        50