Berrys Plated Bullets 38 Calibre (357 diameter) 158 grain RN (250pk)


Berrys Preferred Plated Bullets offer shooters a highly accurate bullet that will not lead the barrel. Berrys Plated Bullets are an outstanding alternative to more traditional copper jacketed bullets.

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Berrys Plated Bullets are precision manufactured in a swage machine from Berrys own blend of proprietary lead alloy. They are then plated to receive their finishing weight and then struck again to ensure they meet Berrys exacting dimensions. The result is a high performance bullet that will not lead the barrel of your firearm.


Berrys enjoys a long and rich history of bullet manufacture for more than 50 years. They insist on only using the finest components to delivery a high quality and high performance product to shooters. 



Product #:                        57945

Brand:                              Berrys

Bullet Type:                     RN (Round Nose) – Plated

Calibre:                            .38/.357

Bullet Diameter:              9.07mm (.357”)

Bullet Weight:                 10.24 gram (158 grain)

Cannelure:                       No

Bullet Count:                   250