Sierra Varminter Rifle Bullets .22Cal 50gn (100pk)


Sierra Blitz Varminter Bullets offer hunters a highly frangible bullet that delivers explosive performance on game at short to moderate shooting distances.

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Sierra Blitz Varminter is the ideal bullet for reloaders hunting with 222 Remington or 223 Remington.  The Blitz Varminter is specifically designed to give terminal performance in these popular calibres.  The Sierra Blitz Varminter bullet is designed to be frangible upon impact giving it explosive performance on game.  Its thin jacket gives it exceptional expansion characteristics at normal ranges with the match grade accuracy you can expect from Sierra bullets.  The Blitz Varminter is a Spitzer shaped bullet giving it a very high ballistic coefficient which results in very flat trajectories and exceptionally high energy retention down range.  The result is highly explosive expansion of the bullet which is devastating on game.


Product #:                           1340

Brand:                                  Sierra

Bullet Type:                         Spitzer Blitz – (Frangible)

Calibre:                                .22 Cal

Bullet Diameter:                5.69mm (.224”)

Bullet Weight:                    3.24gram (50 grain)

Cannelure:                          No

Bullet Count:                      100



Note:  This bullet is lightly jacketed and explosive upon impact. It is only suitable to be fired from barrels with conventional twist rates of 1×12” or 1×14” or greater. Firing from fast twist rate barrels (Eg. 1×9”) etc. can cause the bullet to disintegrate in mid air. That said, when fired from barrels with the correct twist rate the performance is outstanding. To be fired at velocities less than 1,097m/s (3,600fps).