Nosler Ballistic Tip Hunting Bullets 30Cal 125gn (50pk)


Nosler Ballistic Tip Hunting Bullets provide hunters with devastating stopping power and one shot one kill accuracy on larger sized game such as deer. The polymer tip design promotes violent expansion and increases long range accuracy efficiency.

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Nosler Ballisitc Tip Hunting Bullets are perfect for taking down larger game such as deer. The Ballastic Tip Bullet has devastating stopping power initiated from its polymer tip which collapses the bullet into a distinct mushroom shape upon impact. This jacketed bullet has a thinner jacket toward the tip and a significantly heavier jacket at the base. The thick jacket on the base maintains the bullets integrity upon impact maintaining its mass while the thinner tip deforms violently creating devastating expansion. With more than 30 years perfecting this bullet, hunters have become to rely on Noslers’ Ballistic Tip Bullet for its consistency, accuracy and its drop dead performance on target. 



Product #:                        30125

Brand:                               Nosler

Bullet Type:                      Spitzer Ballistic Tip (Green)

Calibre:                             .30 Cal

Bullet Diameter:             7.82mm (.308”)

Bullet Weight:                 8.1 gram (125 grain)

Cannelure:                       No

Bullet Count:                   50



Nosler Colour Code by Caliber:

6mm            –                   Purple Tip

25Cal          –                    Blue Tip

6.5mm        –                    Brown Tip

270Cal        –                   Yellow Tip

7mm            –                   Red Tip

30Cal           –                   Green Tip

8mm            –                   Gunmetal Tip