Berger VLD Target Bullets 22 Cal 75gn (100pk)


Berger VLD Target Bullets deliver a premium high end projectile renowned for its phenomenal accuracy resulting in pinpoint match winning results.

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Berger VLD Target Bullets are a high end match grade projectile revered for their stunning accuracy and are used throughout the world to win matches and set records. Distinguished by their outstanding concentricity the Berger VLD Target remains balanced even a high RPM’s. The VLD (Very Low Drag) bullet design incorporates a sleek spire hollow point as well as a boat tail design which further assists in the reduction of drag. VLD Targets are primarily designed as a match bullet but are also effective on some varmints. The design of the VLD projectiles gives a superior ballistic coefficient that ensures they are less affected by wind and provide a flatter trajectory than flat base bullets of equal mass. Expect to shoot Berger VLD Target bullets over long distances with consistent pin point accuracy.


Mfg’s Product #:                 22421

Brand:                                   Berger

Bullet Type:                          VLD HPBT (Very Low Drag Hollow Point Boat Tail)

Calibre:                                 22Cal

Bullet Diameter:                 5.69mm (.224”)

Bullet Weight:                     4.86gram (75 grain)

Cannelure:                           No

Bullet Count:                       100