Hornady Bullets 9mm (.355") Full Metal Jacked Round Nose 115grain (100pk)


Hornady Handgun Bullets provide reloaders with traditional high quality Hornady components in a plain packaging option at a more cost effective price.

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Hornady Handgun Bullets are manufactured using Hornady’s proprietary (AMP) Advanced Manufacturing Process which provides a consistent and strong copper jacket enveloping the lead core. The AMP jacket ensures the bullet maintains incredibly precise concentricity tolerances as well as near perfect wall thickness variations. The (FMJ) Full Metal Jacket construction (excluding base) maintains the bullets integrity making sure it doesn’t disintegrate upon impact. The jacketed design is perfect for auto loading pistols ensuring reliable feeding of ammunition into the chamber. This plain packaging option delivers the same legendary Hornady performance components at a reduced price.



Brand:                                 Hornady

Bullet Type:                        FMJ-RN (Full Metal Jacket Round Nose) (Jacket excludes base)

Calibre:                               9mm

Bullet Diameter:                 9.02mm (.355”)

Bullet Weight:                     7.45gram (115 grain)

Cannelure:                          No

Bullet Count:                      100