Birchwood Casey Aluminium Black Metal Finish


Birchwood Casey’s Aluminium Black Metal Finish will leave your firearm’s receiver or other aluminium parts with a deep lustrous black finish.

Size:    90ml
Note:   This product is corrosive and considered a dangerous good for the purpose of shipping. This product will not be sent by Express Post and will not be sent outside of Australia. This product may ship separately to your other purchases.

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Birchwood Casey Aluminium Black Metal Finish is specially formulated for use on aluminium surfaces. Receivers and other parts made from aluminium will not be blackened by regular cold bluing solutions intended for steel. The solution to the problem is Aluminium Black.

It is a room temperature chemical used by gunsmiths to blacken aluminium parts. It’s fast to apply and fast to act on the metal, it will not build up on the surface changing the dimensions of your parts like paints or powder coatings. Depending on the alloy the colour will vary from a deep grey to a midnight black. Once completed the final appearance can be improved by adding gun oil or polishing wax to make your work truly shine. Birchwood Casey also suggest the product is excellent for use on non gun related parts such as plaques, trophies, name plates or any other aluminium part you want black.