Birchwood Casey Shoot N C X-Bull's Eye Target


Birchwood Casey’s Shoot N C X-Bullseye Targets makes sighting in your rifle or simply practice shooting a breeze. Shoot N C Targets will allow to clearly see your shot placement at distance with it contrast flaking design.
Qty:      60 sheets per pack

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The Birchwood Casey Shoot N C X-Bull Targets give you a bright and clearly visible light green to yellowish contrast ring around the bullet hole making your shot placement highly visible at distance. Due to this heightened visibility Shoot N C targets are perfect for indoor use or outdoors in low light conditions. Shoot N C targets are 150mm (6inches) in diameter and feature an adhesive backing that makes for easy set up and allows you to stick the target to other surfaces like cardboard, core flute, or plywood boards should you choose. Shoot N C targets come with patches attached to the corners so you can patch your shots and increase the life of your targets.