Do All Impact Seal Hot Box Target


The Impact Seal Hot Box Target from Do All is a blast in the field. Have some fun plinking in a paddock, improve your aim and watch the Impact Seal Hot Box bounce. Suitable for calibres .22Cal-.50Cal.

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The Do All Hot Box bouncing target will provide shooters with hours of fun in the field. Its innovative impact seal material is a self healing rubberized synthetic that can absorb the impact of thousands of rounds. The Impact Seal Hot Box can handle bullet strikes from .22 rimfire all the way up to .50Cal. When it’s struck with a bullet the target will roll and bounce across the field. The cube shape ensures it won’t roll away even when struck by the largest calibre pistol and rifle bullets. The Hot Box Bouncing Target is a 100mm (4”) cube in bright orange which allows it to be visible at distance.