Tinks Vanish Hunting Laundry Detergent 709ml


Tinks Vanish Hunting Laundry Detergent uses extensive scientific research to make the scent of you and your hunting clothes invisible to game.

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Tinks Vanish Hunting Laundry Detergent utilises extensive European research into sanitising and antimicrobial technologies to produce an effective odour eliminating cleaning agent that is ideal for hunting applications. Tinks Vanish Hunting Detergent is powerful yet gentle on skin with no bleaches or other chemicals that irritate it. Comprehensive research has proven that it will destroy more then 300 compounds emitted by the human body that are know to product odours.


During the roar when Deer senses are hyper sensitive, common odours that are acceptable or even pleasant to the human nose are a repulsive beacon to your game. Some conventional laundry powders have filling agents that can even make your clothes fluoresce in the eyes of your game as well as added fragrances to make your clothes smell fresh. The bleach or lemon fresh scents that might be pleasant to humans are obnoxious to game. They will smell it long before you ever see them. Tinks Vanish Laundry Detergent can make your scent invisible.


It is highly effective on perspiration, food and smoke odours as well as ammonia compounds commonly expelled from skin. Tinks Vanish Hunting produces a minuscule barrier layer that inhibits additional odours adhering to your hunting clothes for hours of protection.




Brand:                                     Tinks

Product:                                  Vanish Hunting Concentrated Laundry Detergent

Top Loader Use:                     Yes

Front Loader Use:                  Yes

Approx. Loads:                       48               

UV Brighteners:                      No

Chlorine:                                 No

Phosphates:                           No

Size:                                        709ml