Smart Reloader Electronic Calipers


Smart Reloader Digital Calipers are a highly valuable tool when hand loading ammunition to measure dimensions like O.A.L (over all length), bullet diameter, case length, seating depth and more.

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Smart Reloader Digital Calipers will be sure to come in handy for reloaders keen on knowing the dimensions of their reloading components. These 150mm calipers are constructed of hardened steel and are accurate to within 25 microns (0.001”). The calipers are capable of measuring internal and external diameters as well depths and can be zeroed at any position along its travel. It features an easy to read LCD display and the ability to switch between metric and imperial measurement. They are incredibly handy when measuring bullet seating depths, overall lengths or wether the length of your case alone is within SAMMI specs after trimming for example.